Posted by: mizzdubya | December 17, 2009

Fuck You, Ben Folds

Perhaps spurred by my recent discovery of an ancient mix tape, I’ve been trolling Youtube lately, looking for songs from my “yoot” to listen to for free. In looking for songs from 1999, I came across a song that pissed me off back when I heard it, and pisses me off now, and it’s by no other than that venerable Sing-Off judge, Ben Folds.

The song is “Brick,” and man, every time I hear that song I want to punch him in his overly large forehead. Nothing pisses me off more than a song about abortion in which the guy, who last time I checked, didn’t have to have his uterus vacuumed out, calls that girl who’s knocked up a “Brick” that is making him drown.

What a fucking douchey thing to say. Yeah, the melody’s beautiful and all, but really. YOU feel like you’re drowning because your swimmers pierced your special lady friend’s egg? Guess what, buddy? How do you think the girl feels, huh?

I can tell you, as a person who was once in that position. It feels like you ARE drowning, in misery and confusion and anger and helplessness. Because you are a person who should have known better and still fucked up. Because you are nineteen and think that there’s no fucking way I am having a kid right now, there’s no way I can do what *my* biological mother did, which was to carry the kid for 9 months and then pop it out and be able to be strong enough to give it up. Because you have a shitty boyfriend who can’t be bothered to leave his college and come with you to the clinic where you are terrified of going and where you will accidentally see the sonogram that confirms you are, indeed, baking a bun, a bun that will have its baking time cut way, way short.

Gar. Yeah, a bit ranty, but man, that feels good. It’s taken me so long to come to terms with having had an abortion some 13 years ago, with not feeling completely ashamed of what I did, that it’s hard for me to feel any sympathy for the guy. Especially if the guy is as douchey as my then-boyfriend. Or Ben Folds, in this song.


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