Posted by: mizzdubya | December 17, 2009

Mix Tapes

The other day I popped in a tape I had in my car labeled “Christmas Songs” and was completely surprised to hear not some Christmas music, but rather an assortment of songs that I had recorded, many off the radio, from sometime in the early nineties (my middle school/early high school years).

The cool thing about this tape was that I could recall when I last listened to it (junior year of high school) and
what I was doing the last time I heard it (scraping ice off my parents’ driveway).

Mind you, I’m 32 now, so it was a powerful reminder of just how strong our associations with music can be.

It also made me just a pinch sad for kids today, who will never know the joy of a mixed tape, whether in its creation (desperately trying to tape the song off the radio with a minimum of DJ chatter or, depending on the station and one’s position vis-a-vis the radio tuner, static) or in its listening (the intent at the time of the creation of the tape, as well as the sense of semi-permanence, for songs can’t be dragged and dropped willy-nilly).

Not to say I’m a nostalgia whore by any means, but it’s been quite enjoyable rocking out to the tape (as well as wondering what the hell I was thinking about when recording some of the songs).

Best surprise? Every Rose Has Its Thorn, by Poison. Awesome.


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