All About Me. Hooray!

Howdy!  I’m MizDubya, and I’m delighted you’ve stopped by.

Forty-six totally useless things you could know about me, if you read all the way to the end:

  1. I can pinch with my toes.
  2. No, seriously.  My husband hates it.
  3. I can also pick things up with them.
  4. He doesn’t mind that, especially when it means he doesn’t have to bend over.
  5. Although I do like the view.
  6. I’ve been with my husband for almost 11 years.
  7. We’ve been married for about 5.5 years.
  8. Not that I expect a medal, or anything.
  9. Although I never planned to get married, ever.
  10. I kept my last name, though.
  11. If you want to really piss me off, say something stupid about “tradition” and last names.
  12. But it’s a pretty boring fight, and I don’t punch, so why bother?
  13. I have two rabbits and a dog.
  14. The rabbits are cute, but not friendly. 
  15. They tolerate me.  Only because I provide food.
  16. They moonlight as contract killers.
  17. They do pretty well for themselves.  The whole fluffball disguise  helps.
  18. The dog likes me, though.  Mostly because I provide food and belly rubs.
  19. I live in the suburbs.
  20. The suburbs are pretty boring.
  21. You have to use a car a lot.  Pretty much all the time.
  22. I used to live in a city. 
  23. I don’t live in the suburbs of the city I used to live in.
  24. I hate my user name.
  25. It wasn’t supposed to have 2 Zs in it.
  26. This is why I am not to be trusted with a computer when I’ve been drinking.
  27. I don’t have a preference for wine or beer.
  28. It depends on my mood, but I pretty much like both equally.
  29. Especially the drunk part.
  30. I also like chocolate, cheese, and backrubs.
  31. Not all at once, though.
  32. I have shitty hair.
  33. But really nice feet.
  34. I have too many degrees.
  35. Seriously.
  36. None are in math, though.
  37. I suck at math.
  38. And physics, because physics is fake science.
  39. It’s really just math that moves.
  40. Which is horrible, if, like me, you suck at math.
  41. I dropped out of physics in high school.
  42. I was also valedictorian.
  43. Go figure.
  44. I was once in a beauty pageant.
  45. I stomped off the stage because I was asked a stupid question.
  46. I was four.

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